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Meet Our Staff


Tara Norton of Walden Pond Pediatrics, Concord PediatriciansTara Norton has been with the practice since 2011 as a National Healthcare Association Certified Clinical Medical Assistant. She graduated from the American Career Institute of Framingham, Massachusetts in 2010.

Tara greets patients and their families upon arrival, making them feel comfortable as possible, and ensuring all of their questions are sufficiently answered before and after their visit. Tara's responsibilities include obtaining vital signs, administering immunizations and collecting routine labwork, as well as administering vision and hearing screenings as needed. She sees patient education and customer care as a vital part of a family's visit and relates a story, as well as techniques, with many of our parents and patients to provide comfort before, during, and after administration of immunizations. It is filled with care, compassion, and just enough humor. Tara sincerely believes that laughter can be the best medicine.

As the Medical Home Care Coordinator, Tara acts as liaison for our families between the practice, specialists, community resources, and the Pediatric Physician's Organization of Children's Hospital (PPOC). She ensures each patient and family is receiving comprehensive, quality care and works in close partnership with or team to ensure that all needs of our families are met – both medical and non-medical. She also attends quarterly meetings held by the PPOC to provide educational content to all Care Coordinators, but they also serve as a chance for Care Coordinators to provide sharing of best practices, mentoring, support, and guidance to each other. Tara also prepares and distributes educational materials, as well as participating in forum discussion events held by the practice.

Some of her volunteer services include Parent Alliance League, which is an educational advocacy support for parents for special education services. Tara provides task support services and personal care assistance to the elderly, veterans, parents, children with special needs, and post trauma victims.

Tara is raising three children with a wonderful man and enjoys swimming, crafting, yoga, sports, arts, and, entertainment in her spare time.


Melissa Tracy of Walden Pond Pediatrics, Concord PediatriciansMelissa Tracy has worked as the office manager in this practice since 2005 and over the last nine years, has built great relationships with the wonderful families in our practice. As the office manager, Melissa oversees the daily operations of the office and facilitates communications between patients and staff, schedules appointments, and coordinates referrals and authorizations with insurance companies.

Prior to joining Walden Pond Pediatrics, Melissa graduated from Rivier University with a BA in Communications.

Melissa enjoys working in pediatrics because it allows for the opportunity to watch the patients grow – but no matter how much they grow, they're never too old for a sticker!

In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and hosting family gatherings with her husband in their new home.

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