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Medical Home

A family-centered medical home, a concept developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), is an approach to providing comprehensive primary care. This medical home is culturally effective to every child and adolescent. Medical homes address preventative, acute, and chronic care from birth through transition to adulthood – this is something pediatricians have been doing for generations.

Every clinic associated with Pediatric Physician’s Organization of Children’s Hospital (PPOC) has incorporated the concept of the medical home in their daily encounters with patients.

Here at Walden Pond Pediatrics, as the Medical Home Care Coordinator, Claudelle Goodman's role is to act as a liaison for our families between the practice, specialists, community resources, and the PPOC. She ensures each patient and family is receiving comprehensive, quality care and works in close partnership with our team to ensure that all needs of our families are met – both medical and non-medical.

In addition, Claudelle attends quarterly meetings that expose her and all Care Coordinators across the PPOC to educational content provided by the PPOC, Boston Children’s Hospital, or an external resource. These meetings also provide a chance for Care Coordinators to meet up with their “Buddy Groups”, which provide sharing of best practices, mentoring, support, and guidance.

In an effort to promote the medical home, Walden Pond Pediatrics has established Parent Forum meetings as an opportunity for parents from our practice to informally discuss topics of interest. Previously, we have discussed the effects of media on our pre-teens, depression and behavioral health, as well as Patient Education material. We look forward to forums in the future where you can learn about additional topics of concern and engage in discussions with parents who share your concern.

For more information, please visit http://www.medicalhomeinfo.org/

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